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Reimagine Church

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The totally doable, nuts and bolts essentials
of reproducing leaders, disciples and community.

Clarify the win. The Church has been run in much the same way for decades. We’ve run programs, services, built buildings and run conferences. But have we ever clarified the win? What would it look like if we really achieved the thing that is most on the heart of God?

Escape busyness. For many of us caught up in the treadmill of Church activity, we’ve lost sight of the abundant life Jesus offers us. Needless, stress-inducing busyness is a sure sign that we have got something badly wrong. But joy is the hallmark of getting this right.

Fulfill your true purpose. As we clarify the win and escape unnecessary busyness, we will surely begin to find our true north–the purpose for which the Church exists.

This book will release faith in your heart for that to happen, and impart practical steps towards achieving it.

“It is rare when a leader can effectively synthesize essential tools and practices from across years of experience. Nic’s own life and knowledge have combined here to give us the “what”, the “why” and the “how” of missional discipleship.”

~ Caesar Kalinowski, Missional strategist and author of The Gospel Primer, Transformed, and Bigger Gospel.

“Nic Harding is a disciple who leads, and a leader who multiplies. Reimagine Church helps us take a systematic and structured look at both disciple-making and leadership development in a new light. It is a timely challenge!”

 ~ Rich Robinson, Founder of 3dm Europe. Director of Catalyse Change. Leader of 5QCollective.