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A Righteous Brood

A Righteous Brood: Making Your Family the Front Line of Mission by Hugh Halter


Most parents have huge hopes for their children. Peace, safety, ample provision, happiness and the American Dream. But God has a bigger dream for your family that should make you rethink everything. People are leaving the church in droves.

Three out four children will also choose to opt out of Americanized Christian religion. Why? It doesn’t capture the heart, stretch the mind, or call for any substance.

Fortunately, God’s story is big enough and the “Family” remains His best way to inspire, include and disciple the missional life in our children. A Righteous Brood is a prophetic call, but also a practical guide to making the home the front line of mission.

Inside A Righteous Brood, Hugh Halter will take you behind the scenes of this family as they planted two churches. With a severely disabled son, a 50 hour-a-week job as a house painter, and two other children in hockey six days a week, Hugh will get beyond the fluff and help you see God’s power behind a family that gives itself to divine purpose.

This story-formed book will keep you laughing, crying and discovering answers and hope for your mundane struggle of balancing real life with God’s mission and your call to make disciples under your own roof.

In this eBook you will receive:

  • A practical guide to making your home the front line of mission
  • A behind-the-scenes look at a missional family
  • Humorous and insightful stories of balancing real life with God’s mission